Contract Management in Procurement

Quantum 360 has significant experience in implementing successful contract management process as well as tools and templates with its clients, to ensure the successful management of contracts through the complete lifecycle.

The effective management of contracts with suppliers is critical to our client’s success, to capitalise on the benefits from any procurement process that has been undertaken, such as: value for money, stakeholder management, governance, performance management and risk management.

Quantum 360 can provide support to existing contract management functions, where embedded within service delivery functions or existing commercial / procurement teams. This can be hands on active management, or through the delivery of training, process development and skills transfer to teams or individuals.

At a time of increased cost and inflationary pressures, Quantum 360 can support your organisation to minimise inflationary cost impact by realising operational efficiencies through the proactive management of supply chain performance.​

By using our significant experience, we have proven that the best approach to Contract and Supplier Relationship Management delivery and training is to work collaboratively with our clients to create a strong working relationship that helps the internal teams to understand the benefits of good contract management and building strong relationships with suppliers.

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